Consulting Services

Rail Safety Consulting Australia services include:

Rail Safety Regulation

  • Rail safety regulatory requirements advice
  • Rail safety accreditation preparation
  • Liaison with jurisdictional Rail Safety Regulators
  • Review of safety management system (safety performance report and preparation)

Railway Operations Safety Management Systems

  • Hazard and risk identification and management
  • Governance and safety management systems development
  • Above and below rail safeworking rules and procedures development
  • Rail safety management advice, mentoring and guidance
  • Safety management of change
  • Operations safety in design

Operation Safety

  • Signalling interface and sighting requirements including consultative committee facilitation
  • Train management and operating methodology advice
  • Exceeded limits of movement authority (SPAD) management

Safety Assurance

  • Systems and compliance inspection and auditing
  • Incident and accident systemic investigation and reporting
  • Operating procedures and safety management systems review
  • Risk review

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